training-camp-01A key point of our entity, we give particular attention to training, from the initiation and towards perfection of our Security Officers. In this context, the training school established within our company is supervised by experienced professionals. The security agents are trained and evaluated on their involvement, their ability to cope with certain situations, professionalism, respect, punctuality, rigor and know how necessary for the exercise of such a trade. It takes place at least once per year per agent.

Moreover, a good command of the French language (written and spoken) is a must in our selections.

In this context, the agents are trained on: The role of the security officer, radio procedures, the equipment of the security officer, the self-defense, communication with the administration OMEGA SECURITY, relations with customer, first aid (HSE), the use of defense weapons, procedures and safety guidelines.

In our commitment to our well established HSE Policy, we train our agents on the following themes:

  • L’Equipier de Première Intervention (EPI)
  • Firefighting
  • The emergency evacuation
  • First aid
  • The health, safety and environmental protection
  • Occupational Hazards