Since 2001, OMEGA SECURITY has plusieurs years of experience in the field of security and protection of persons and property. Originally started within the group GSMP, with the increase in demand to provide increasingly sophisticated and specialized security solutions to its customers, OMEGA SECURITY was born as an structural entity independent of GSMP in 2013.

OMEGA SECURITY relies primarily on its strong and a reliable organization and its well recognized expertise in the field of development and training of its security agents, 98% of whom are of Gabonese nationality .

Available Equipment and Resources

The facilities available to our security officers are of the high standard quality that includes:

Deterrence and protection equipments:
  • Tonfa with case (provided to all agents)
  • Disabling Spray (provided to all agents)
  • Walkie-Talkie Radio with remote earpiece and microphone
  • VHF radio
Personal protection equipment:
  • Complete uniform that is noticeable from a considerable distance (T-shirt / Polo and caps with logo and company name, pants, rangers, Belt)
  • Equipments for protection from rain and wind.
  • Safety armband
Vehicles provided for mobility:

Depending on the need, we provide Motorcycles , Bicycles, Bikes, Pick-ups  to our officers.